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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Nov 3, 2023

Welcome back, Rainmakers! Are you ready for a game-changing conversation that could reshape your perspective on business and life? We're about to share a technique that transformed our financial trajectory, and it's waiting to do the same for you. No matter your industry or niche, there's a blueprint to unleashing unparalleled potential and life-changing wealth. Are you intrigued yet?

Picture a packed auditorium buzzing with excitement and the music blasting, resonating with the energy of 5,000 people. It was in this electrifying environment that we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the room with Tony Robbins. At one point he spoke directly to the crowd and posed a monumental question that sparked our revelation: "How can you give more value than anyone else in your industry?" This led us to the powerful concept of "value stacking."

Value stacking is about heightening the perceived worth of what you’re offering, so much that the price seems like a no-brainer. Whether it's a high-end beachfront property or the small conveniences we cherish in daily life, like paying extra for priority airline seats, it's all about understanding and delivering what your audience values most. 

During our time as wedding photographers, we recognized the universal desire to capture perfect moments. And at the same time, we saw the pain points that come with executing a wedding and offered solutions to those problems. So by tailoring our services, like offering unlimited photography hours, we stood out by providing unparalleled value.

Always aim to exceed expectations. Just look at a company like Uber. They disrupted the transport industry by redefining the value proposition. Your audience has specific needs and pain points. Identify them, brainstorm solutions, and consistently stack value on top of value until it becomes an irresistible proposition. When you prioritize this, the results can be phenomenal!

So, Rainmakers, are you ready to delve into this concept of value stacking? Hit play to understand how this can help you MAKE IT RAIN! Follow the links below to connect with us. 


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to today’s conversation all on the concept of “value stacking”

  • 00:32 Stephen shares a story of an event where Tony Robbins was speaking on value

  • 01:29 How can we give value in business and in life and why it’s a game changer!

  • 03:33 The heart of a successful business is solving problems and serving people 

  • 05:28 How to serve your people at the highest level

  • 06:40 Stephen shares how they learned the idea of creating more value in photography business 

  • 08:25 Stephen shares one way that they upped the value of their photography business 

  • 10:18 How they added more value in their e-commerce business

  • 11:58 How to keep adding value to what you are selling over time 

  • 12:47 How can you serve your person at the highest level by adding value to what you sell?