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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Nov 10, 2023

Hey Rainmakers! We were recently featured on Stephanie Blake's "Powerful Parenting Podcast Journey," where we had the opportunity to dive into the reality of balancing entrepreneurship with family life. It was a fantastic experience, so we decided to share the full episode from her show here with you today! 

During our conversation, we go into what motivates us, how we manage our busy schedules without mom guilt, and learning to balance screen time - and more! This episode covers all things to help push your business forward while maintaining connection and free time with your family! 

Stephanie knows how to get to the heart of what it's like to manage these two full-time commitments. She loves working with parents to make powerful decisions for their family, raising world changers, and raising entrepreneur kids. We believe many of you can relate to the hustle of balancing business strategies with family plans, and we shared some insights that have helped us along the way.

Becoming parents made us realize the value of time spent with our kids. We wanted to create a lifestyle where we could choose to step away from the business when needed. As our youngest grows, we see just how quickly time passes, and how time is our most precious resource! We want to help moms have more time with their families and create meaningful moments together. 

As our businesses continued to grow, we realized we had to be really intentional about where we were spending our time and what tasks in the business really made sense for us. That’s why, towards the end of the show, we share the #1 strategy we have used to eliminate overwhelm and “mom guilt” while building our online business. This tip is a game-changer for ever rainmaker mama!

Hit play to join us for this powerful conversation as we share our journey and mission of leaving a thriving family legacy of connection and time together, all while building successful businesses!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to our interview on Stephanie Blake’s, The Powerful Parenting Journey podcast 

  • 02:58 A snapshot into everything we do with Rainmaker Family 

  • 04:11 An estimate of how many mom’s have been through the Rainmaker program 

  • 05:30 Why the focus of Rainmakers became about mom’s getting time freedom

  • 10:08 How we manage our schedule to leverage our time each week

  • 19:41 How to process and deal with mom guilt 

  • 26:03 Our thoughts around screen time and technology with our kids 

  • 29:40 Stephanie gives several questions that you can ask your kids to bring connection 

  • 33:29 The importance of valuing connection in the home with your family 

  • 38:43 Learning to balance screens with being active 

  • 44:42 How to create opportunities with our kids that break up the ordinary 

  • 48:54 We share what it means to be a good father and mother 

  • 53:33 Stephanie gives her final thoughts on parenting and instilling identity into our kids