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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Nov 17, 2023

Hey Rainmakers! Today, we’re recapping our biggest takeaways from this year's Funnel Hacking Live. This conference had our minds racing with fresh insights and actionable ideas that we can’t wait to share with you! 

This conference taught us that the real magic happens in the lobbies, at shared tables, and in every conversation. It's where ambitious minds meet and collaborative futures begin. Building relationships with like-minded individuals and mentors is an investment that goes beyond any single event—it's the kind of capital that pays the best interest in the long run.

One of our favorite takeaways was a powerful message from leadership expert Jocko Willink about extreme ownership. It’s a simple yet revolutionary idea: embracing full responsibility for every outcome. This mindset shift is about being proactive in our decisions and responses, recognizing that accountability in both our successes and setbacks lays the groundwork for true progress as a leader. 

In the midst of learning and networking, it’s important that our healthy routines and lifestyles stay intact. A sound mind and body enable us to be present, engage fully, and forge connections that are both meaningful and productive. After all, it's the “ready to serve” mentality we bring to each interaction that often leads to open doors and new opportunities.

Integrating these encounters and teachings into Rainmaker strategies has us excited about the potential that lies in collaboration. The partnerships formed and the possibilities they present are as valuable as the strategies we've learned and we’re excited to bring some of those people onto the podcast in the future! 

Hit play and dive into our latest podcast episode as we unpack our top takeaways, sharing how forging new paths with others can amplify your business and personal growth. Let's harness the power of community and connection together, all while building successful businesses!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to our top takeaways from this year's Funnel Hacking Live! 

  • 02:19 How this conference expanded our marketing knowledge that helped grow our business

  • 04:00 Why we show up to conferences as givers and ready to serve 

  • 05:20 Connections with people come from having a mindset of serving others 

  • 08:30 Chelsey’s takeaway about consistency in your content and building your brand 

  • 10:19 Stephen shares about his favorite speaker from the conference and how it impacted him 

  • 13:58 Chelsey talks about her favorite speaker and being inspired to take extreme ownership 

  • 17:14 Taking ownership as a leader and setting the culture for your life and business 

  • 18:45 Here is our final takeaway for you about keeping your healthy routine and lifestyle! 

  • 20:00 Conferences are not just for gaining knowledge, but also building powerful connections