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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Jun 28, 2024

Hey Rainmaker fam! Stephen and Chelsey here, and today we have an incredibly inspiring story for all you motivated moms out there. We're diving into the journey of Kyle Smith, who went from a regular dad to growing 3 million followers and quitting his day job by selling digital products!


Kyle, also known as Tasty Shreds on social media, will share how he turned his passion for healthy, delicious food into a booming online business. He'll walk us through the crucial steps he took on social media to build a massive following and how he monetized his audience effectively through engaging digital content.


In today’s chat, Kyle breaks down the essentials of creating content that not only captures attention but also drives sales. He’ll share his secrets to balancing family life with business demands, making him a perfect role model for parents looking to step into the entrepreneurial world without sacrificing precious family moments.


If you're a mom thinking about making a move into the digital space, or if you're just curious about how to better utilize social media for your business, hit play now to catch all the gems Kyle is dropping. His story is not just motivational—it's a roadmap to how you can achieve financial freedom and create a thriving online presence while being an awesome parent!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:00 - Welcome Kyle Smith, and an introduction to his success story. 
  • 1:30 - Kyle shares his initial steps into the digital world and his motivation.
  • 3:45 - The role of social media in transforming Kyle’s hobby into a career.
  • 6:00 - Discussion on the strategies Kyle used to grow his follower base.
  • 8:30 - Insights into the creation and success of his digital products.
  • 12:00 - How Kyle managed work-life balance as a dad and entrepreneur.
  • 15:00 - Kyle’s advice for parents looking to start their online business journey.
  • 20:00 - Recap of Kyle's tips for leveraging social media for business growth.