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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Jun 10, 2022

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. You may have seen the title and been like, wait, face YOGA? We hadn’t heard of it either, but seriously you need this episode, Momma. 

Welcome to another episode of the Rainmaker family show! As you know, on this show, we are on a mission to help moms become millionaires. We want to help you create businesses online, but not just that! We want Rainmakers to be a transformational experience, not just for your bank account. We want to help you up-level your entire life and serve you any way we can. So, when we meet cool people we think you should know, we gotta have them on the show! 

Our special guest today on the show is Fumiko Takatsu! She’s a best-selling author and is the creator of the Face Yoga Method. She helps women (and men) all over the world gain confidence through a few simple stretches. These stretches and “face yoga” techniques are known to reverse aging & take years off your face in as little as 30 seconds a day! Yes, our mind was blown too.

As women, when you look better, you feel better. It’s true, just think about it. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and have that confidence, it affects every area of life! Obviously, you get a boost in areas like self-confidence, but it goes further than that. You show up more powerfully for your spouse and family when you look and feel great. 

Hit play to hear Fumiko Takatsu's best tips for anti-aging, how she used these methods to transform her face after a tragic car wreck, the number one face stretch we can all start with, how to gain back energy in your body, and so much more! 

If you know a Momma who needs a little confidence boost, share this episode here! For more free resources and to learn how to make $$$ during nap time, check out the links below! 

More Of What We Talk About:

  • How your mindset can age you
  • The ROI on health
  • How self-care can boost your energy
  • You aren’t JUST a mom
  • How to start slow aging today
  • Identifying your aging habits
  • How to overcome posture issues
  • Proactive anti-aging tips 
  • And more!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:46 What to expect today
  • 01:58 Get to know Fumiko Takatsu
  • 02:44 How Fumiko got into Face Yoga
  • 05:28 Why confidence is important
  • 8:27 What are your aging habits?
  • 11:09 What makes Face Yoga so powerful
  • 14:29 How to get started with Face Yoga 
  • 16:15 The importance of good posture
  • 17:51 Fumiko’s best tips for anti-aging
  • 20:13 How to connect with Fumiko