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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Jun 17, 2022

It’s safe to say that every entrepreneur and parent has felt the feeling of extreme overwhelm at one point or another. Typically, it’s on days where absolutely everything goes wrong, nothing goes according to the schedule, and of course, none of the progress you said you’d make in your business actually happened…

Yeah, we have been there too! That’s one of the reasons why we are excited to introduce you to today’s guest. You may already know her because this guest was a request by you! We asked the Rainmaker community who we should have on the show and this name came up several times in the comments. After looking at her Instagram, we understood why! Joining us today is Stacy Tuschl. Stacy is a high-performance coach, sought-after speaker, mom of two beautiful girls, and more. 

After starting her brick-and-mortar business at the young age of 18. With a little hard work and determination, she grew the business past the 7-figure mark and is still poppin’ today! This experience is just one way Stacy has learned what it takes to be successful and create a beautiful life for you and your family! Whether you are just starting out or have a successful multi-six figure business, hit play to hear Stacy’s best tips on how to remove any bottlenecks in your business so you can get more cash flowing in and more free time in your calendar!

Once your “business hat” comes off and the “mom hat” slips back on during your work day, Stacy will share her personal system of how she makes that transition daily and how it helps her show up more powerfully for her kids. She’ll also let you in on how she has created a personal system and process for her entire family. She says this is her secret weapon to keeping everyone in the house happy and full of purpose! We can’t wait to test out these tips in our own business and family.

This episode is like a chicky nugget gold mine for every Mompreneur.

More Of What We Talk About:

  • What it takes to crack the 6-figure mark
  • How to systematically run your house
  • Why you need to have a clear goal
  • Once you have a selling product, do this next!
  • Know what season you are in
  • The power of creating healthy habits 
  • How to get a free coaching call with us
  • And more!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:39 Welcome back to another episode!
  • 01:53 The biggest bottleneck at any stage of business
  • 4:48 The power of saying NO!
  • 7:41 How to start systemizing your business
  • 9:38 Things all business owners should track
  • 15:17 Tips for bringing more order into your house
  • 17:20 The act of practicing gratitude
  • 21:04 Superpowers all Mompreneurs have
  • 25:08 The transformation journey of entrepreneurship
  • 28:43 How to connect with Stacy