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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Jun 24, 2022

“Guess who’s back…back again”! Can you name that song? LOL

Baby number two is here and we are back in the swing of things! When we found out that we were pregnant with baby Ollie, we knew we wanted to be intentional about taking time off to have a proper maternity/paternity leave. When we had our first son Kaizen, we didn’t do a good job in this area so we knew it would take some planning to make it happen. We are so thankful we did and we were able to block off two months and focus on family, fun, and making memories as a family.

If you have heard some of our previous episodes, you know that it was a crazy pregnancy. So, by the time baby Ollie was here we needed a little time off. Quickly things changed when we found ourselves back in the hospital with a health scare with Oliver. (Check out episode 60 for that story.)  After that, we took some time to be intentional about resting, healing, and doing things that bring us to life. We could spend hours talking about all the lessons and things we learned during this time but we decided for this episode just to pass on some of the biggest “golden chicky nuggets” that could help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you have ever taken time off for longer than a few weeks, it starts to feel like every day is Saturday. At first, it’s amazing, but after a few weeks, it can start to get depressing because there is no routine and you stop doing the things that bring you joy. Hear how we brought joy back in our days and how we learned to identify what brings us to life. During the conversation, you’ll also learn how to create your “dream week”! This simple strategy can help set every week up for success and transform your week by helping you get the most out of work,  home, and mom life.

More Of What’s Inside:

  • How Stephen internally processes
  • The #1 thing Chelsey focused on during her time off
  • The importance of rest and healing
  • Learning what works best for you and your family
  • How to set up your future team for success
  • Why everyone should know what brings them to life
  • Sneak peek of future topics
  • And much more!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 01:16 Welcome back! We Took 2 Months Off... And THIS Happened
  • 03:45 Create a business where you can step back when needed
  • 07:04 The power of learning how to communicate what you want
  • 12:07 What Stephen learned about himself during paternity leave
  • 17:44 Why Chelsey wanted to be off the grid
  • 18:52 How we designed our dream week
  • 26:00 How a solo entrepreneur can drastically upgrade their week