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The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

Sep 9, 2022

Why just post it, when you can pin it! 

Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! If you’re a Pinterest lover, you’re going to love this show. If you know nothing about Pinterest, this show is about to blow your mind! 

Wherever you fall on the Pinterest scale, this conversation proves how we can all be leveraging Pinterest at a higher level from a business standpoint. It’s like a wealth of untapped potential for serving people and getting your products and services to the world! 

Of course, you’re Rainmaker so you already know that we only bring the BEST in this biz to our podcast for you to learn from. Naturally, that means we had to have the Queen of Pinterest herself here for this conversation, Tereza Toledo!

Tereza not only helps us out with our Rainmaker Pinterest, but she helps tons of clients generate millions of dollars with her game-changing strategies! Whether you need a quick hack that can take your pins to the next level, or you need a road map of where to even start on the platform Tereza is going to show you the way! 

Hit play to hear how Tereza earned the name “Queen of Pinterest '', why she thinks there is so much opportunity for Amazon FBA families on Pinterest, how to use SEO the right way on Pinterest, a NEW Pinterest feature all entrepreneurs need to know about, and more!

After seeing firsthand the power of Pinterest in so many of our businesses, we are passionate about spreading the word! If you know a Momma trying to “make it rain” for her family, share this show with her! For more free resources, follow the links below. 


More of What’s Inside:

  • How Tereza helps us at Rainmakers!
  • How Pinterest is a recourse 
  • Why Tereza loves Pinterest vs other platforms 
  • Why Pinterest is the “dreamers platform”
  • The SEO power on Pinterest
  • HUGE TIP: A New Pinterest feature you need to know
  • Our experience with Pinterest ads 
  • How to know if  Pinterest is a good fit for your business
  • And more!


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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 1:13 Get to know the Pinterest Queen!
  • 2:11 Why Tereza loves Pinterest compared to other platforms 
  • 7:47 What 97% of users are looking for on the platform
  • 10:46 How to see if you’re people are on Pinterest
  • 15:29 How to start using Pinterest for your amazon business
  • 25:29 A golden tip about Pinterest for 2022 (New feature alert) 
  • 32:44 How to make an evergreen post 
  • 35:44 How to learn more from Tereza