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The Rainmaker Family Show

Apr 9, 2021

There is a reason why they say "growing pains" and not "growing pleasure." Sometimes, growing and going to a new level can be painful...

When we look back on our own Rainmaker Journey we can see many times that we have had to trim back and prune certain areas of our lives if we wanted to see real fruit start to bear. 

is why today we want to invite you into this conversation about growth and transition. Grab a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or your favorite cup of happiness and hit play!


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  • Welcome back!
  • How we are switching it up this episode
  • Pruning the vine
  • When Chelsey worked out In-N-Out
  • What made Chelsey want to become an entrepreneur 
  • The moments when it’s comfortable to grow sticks
  • Burning the ships
  • Trimming the vine can be painful 
  • How to get results no matter what
  • Rainmaker Family spotlights
  • Bringing people into their full potential 
  • Sending your people out