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The Rainmaker Family Show

Apr 2, 2021

We believe that money is so much more than just paying is an amazing tool to serve people, create impact and achieve your dreams.

In today's episode, we are going to have an honest conversation about generating money, adding value to others, and buying back your time. 

Listen in as we share personal stories from our own journey along with lessons we learned from our mentors. We also will break down the concept of the Four Levels of Value so you can identify where you are and how you can go to the next level.



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Life Task Outsourcing:

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  • Let’s talk about $$$
  • Relative income vs absolute income
  • What level of value are you at?
  • Level one: You have to do the thing
  • When Stephen and Chelsey went to level two
  • Dollars follow value
  • Level three: Communication
  • The biggest lie that comes up when you rise to new levels
  • What to Stephen and Chelsey’s business to the next level
  • What wealth is really all about
  • Level four: Systems and ideas
  • What happens when you make decisions form lack
  • How for the busy work task first
  • Wealthy compress time
  • A real-life story of practical resourcefulness
  • A few recourses to start outsources
  • Buying back your time
  • Find who’s for your to-do’s